The Grand Master of Surprise, Magic Al:

Inspiring, Entertaining and Educating the youth of America with magical illusions of surprise.


2009 & 2010

Two Time Merlin Award Winner
by the board of directors of the International Magicians Society

A real Masterful Performer, Magic Al is proud to offer a new and exciting
program that will delight, astound, and educate.


" Masters of Surprise"

featuring: The fantastical "Magic Al"

World Class enchantment jumps to the stage with a masterful dazzling display
of extraordinary fantasy and sleight of hand.
"Masters of Surprise" will peak your interest with
incredible feats that jars the mind and emotions.
This production illuminates and emphasizes the joy
of being"Surprised", in a unique and most entertaining way
that is exciting! You will not soon forget, "Masters of Surprise"

It Will Be Exciting!

( Don't Fool Yourself, That's Our Job..... )

" Masters of Surprise"

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Magic Al and his "Master of Surprise" teams have appeared on
T.V. Shows and at major venues around the World.

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